CAIR-Nepal Official Templates

Explore the official templates offered by CAIR-Nepal. Please read the terms and ensure you are aware of the consequences of misusing any of the documents prior to operation.

Terms of Use

Who can use?: CAIR-Nepal authorizes the use of the brand name, logo, and any additional pertinent materials (e.g., a PowerPoint template) by affiliated individuals or organizations. Nevertheless, affiliated entities and individuals are strictly prohibited from utilizing the brand name, logo, or any other relevant materials in a manner or location that undermines the CAIR-Nepal reputation.

When to seek permission?: Before using any CAIR-Nepal related materials, including the brand name, you must obtain permission, unless you have an affiliation with CAIR-Nepal or fall within the exclusion criteria detailed below. Written permission may be requested through the email address When requesting permission, please include specifics regarding where and how particular materials will be utilized.

Exclusion criteria:
  • Conference(s) or workshops or other events where CAIR-Nepal participates need not seek permission.
  • Any organization that collaborates with CAIR-Nepal or has established an MOU (memorandum of understanding) with CAIR-Nepal.
  • Academic publications.
  • Academic and research institutions.

  • The brand name refers to CAIR-Nepal in short or Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Nepal.
  • By "additional pertinent (or relevant) materials," we mean any resources that bear our name or logo, including those that are not explicitly mentioned or accessible on this website.

Unless otherwise specified on this page, usage of the brand name (CAIR-Nepal), pertinent materials and logos requires prior written authorization. Any unauthorized use of the brand name, logo, or other relevant materials may result in legal action. CAIR-Nepal reserves the right to revoke permission at any time.

Discover Official Templates

CAIR-Nepal has an official PowerPoint template that can be used for presentations. The template is available in the following aspect ratios.

The CAIR-Nepal logo is available in seven different formats. Print-friendly formats include SVG, PDF, and EPS; however, all logos are of high quality and are accessible via the subsequent links.

Discover different background images that you can use, such as desktop or zoom backgrounds.